“Jami has a wonderfully natural approach to working with clients. I’m always able to allow subconscious stuff to arise as the environment is safe. I was able to recognize some things about my lifestyle that need adjusting so I can create a larger space for peace and quiet!” ~ Client D, April 2016

“Very good! Very relaxing and reflective. I loved the “touch” and “stretch” aspect and how connected you feel with yourself during and after the session. The use of touch encouraged me to feel more relaxed and open about feelings.” ~ Client B, March 2016

“Each session is unique and I leave truly reflecting on what it has meant, what will I do with my feelings to make changes to better myself.” ~ Client C, February 2016

“I was not sure what to expect but found the session to be relaxing, cleansing, and I ‘let go’ of things I had never fully verbalized before. I was surprised I was able to share as much as I did. The environment Jami set as a practitioner is very comfortable, non-threatening and allowed me to open up. The ability to totally relax and stop the ‘mind-chatter’ – allowed me to fully breath, relax and give back to myself. The logging of feelings and emotions is awesome and I still look at it as a reminder of what I received from my session.” ~Client W, February 2016

“This was my third session and it was relaxing and helpful. The stretches were great and my shoulder has not hurt in over a week now. Jami is amazing.” ~ Client K, January 2016

“I enjoyed it. I felt like I received physical benefits as well as the session stimulated thoughts about current circumstances going on in my life.” ~ January 2016

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but was pleased with this type of work. Jami has a very natural way with people and is very comforting. I got that my body has been literally screaming at me to pay attention. Just showing up and allowing Jami to guide me through the process was amazing.” ~ Client D, January 2016

“This second session was different from the first one; however, no less effective. A lot of release! A very strong feeling of peace and empowerment…a very pleasant feeling…one that is new to me. Jami is naturally intuitive and has the ability to guide the session in a way that allows the awareness to come forth and bring healing to the body and soul.” ~ Client D, January 2016

“I am already out of pain. I feel we make a great team, very conducive to healing.” ~ Client R, January 2016

“It was incredible and I felt completely safe, even through my fear of sharing. The session was organized and process driven although it felt natural the entire time. What really worked for me was being brought back into my body from my busy mind and having the opportunity to feel my emotions and be guided through my own words to clarity.” ~ Client J, October 2015

“I had mentioned to Jami that my hip was bothering me and it was incorporated into my session with a lot of hip stretching. I thought that was amazing and was blown away by that. My hip felt so much better the next day! It was another helpful and successful session! I have a different experience each session and I think that’s what is so neat about yoga therapy.” ~ Client K, October 2015

“Jami has a gift for holding space. She is non-judgmental, supportive, unbiased, and non-directive.” ~ Client M, October 2015

“The session was more than I expected. I left with a sense of peace and relief not only on my mind but also my heart.” ~ Client F, October 2015

“This was a first session for me and I’m not entirely sure that I knew what to expect, I went in with an open mind. What an amazing yet intense session! I loved that it made me open up and really dig into some feelings that I tend to suppress. Jami asked all the right questions to help with that and did such a great job making me feel comfortable.” ~ Client K, September 2015

“I always feel energized when I leave, like I could conquer the world. This was my second session and I’m ready for a third!” ~ Client R, September 2015

“Working through my physical aches released some emotions I didn’t realize I had been suppressing. I was surprised that my tension and stress was so easily released. I am looking forward to another session.” ~ Client R, August 2015